Ensuring Industrial Safety with Our Premium Safety Valves

Welcome to Sophotech, where industrial safety meets excellence. Our commitment to reliability and precision is reflected in our range of premium safety valves. Designed to meet and exceed industry standards, our safety valves are engineered to safeguard your operations. Explore a diverse selection of safety solutions that prioritize performance and compliance. Trust our range of products for unparalleled industrial assurance. Discover the perfect safety valve for your needs and elevate your safety standards today

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View our range of pressure relief valves: each valve meticulously designed for optimal safety

Automa AT1000-Mini-SS
SS304 Body, Mini, Ring Type Safety Valve
Brass Body, Mini, Ring Type Safety Valve
Lever type safety valve
Bronze Body, Lever Type Safety Valve
PTFE seat safety valve
Bronze Body, PTFE Seat Safety Valve
Sealed type safety valve
Bronze Body, Sealed Type Safety Valve

Application on Horizontal Air Receiver Tank and Air Oil Separator Tank

Discover how our safety valves ensure the safe operation of horizontal air receiver tanks and air oil separator tanks.

application: horizontal air tank
Horizontal air receiver pre-set 150psi
application: horizontal air tank
Horizontal air receiver, pre-set 150psi
application: air receiver
Air Receiver, pre-set 175psi
application: air oil seperator tank
Separator Tank, pre-set 150psi

Application on Vertical Air Receiver Tank

Learn about the specific applications of our safety valves in vertical air receiver tanks for enhanced safety.

application: vertical air tank
Vertical Air Receiver, 150psi
application: vertical air tank
Vertical Air Receiver, 150psi
application: vertical air tank
Oil Separator Tank, 150psi

Technical Specificaitons:

  • Bronze casting body
  • Working pressure 0.3 to 10 bar
  • Working temperature -45 to 185 °C
  • Threaded male inlet, female outlet
  • Options for PTFE seat

How Our Safety Valves Are Utilized in Various Systems:

  • Air compressor
  • Water
  • Oil and gas system

Discover the quality materials used in crafting our safety valves:

  • Body: Bronze/Brass
  • Seat: Brass
  • Spindel: Brass
  • Spring seat: Brass
  • Disc: Brass
  • Spring: Steel
  • Handle: Steel


Any compressed air pressure vessel must be protected from an over-pressure situation - the maximum allowable working pressure (MAWP) approved by DOSH must not be exceeded. A pressure relief valve is used to limit the pressure build-up in a system, by automatically relieved by a spring-loaded valve, actuated by the static pressure upstream of the device. The valve opens in proportion to the increase in pressure over the opening pressure.

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